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About Owner


Krista Brand was born in the Virgin Islands, where she later moved to the US with her family for a better education and opportunities. With hard work and dedication, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In 2015, she birthed her firstborn, name Jordan Brand who was later diagnosed with Autism and Type 1 diabetes, which caused Krista to have to leave her job and make the sacrifices necessary to care for her son. Even though this situation was a devastating moment for Krista and her husband, she knew God had a greater purpose beyond the negative news that was released to them. Ever since Krista was a little girl, she knew she wanted to showcase and share her gifts and passions with others. In 2019, Krista decided to take the leap of faith to show her talents and pursue her dreams of inspiring others with her arts & crafts. Krafty Kreationz has reached outside of her hometown and has produced hundreds of orders to satisfied customers. 

Krista is admired by many for her constant grit and persistency to fight through any obstacle that has ever came her way. She has never allowed anything to stop her purpose and always finds a way to inspire others with her story and uses her business as a way to help others execute their visions! Krista is determined to expand the visions of others not just with her business but with her powerful testimony. 

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